No.02 Peony, Mint & Pink Ginger Mist

$49.95 AUD

Introducing NO.02 Peony, Mint & Pink Ginger Mist

Experience the refreshing and invigorating scent of our newest product, NO.02 Peony, Mint & Pink Ginger Mist. This innovative mist combines the delicate floral notes of peony with the crisp freshness of mint and the subtle spice of pink ginger.

Each spritz of this mist will transport you to a blooming garden, surrounded by the sweet aroma of peonies and the cool breeze of mint. The addition of pink ginger adds a unique twist, adding a touch of warmth and depth to the overall scent.

Not only does this mist smell amazing, but it also has nourishing properties for your skin. Infused with natural ingredients, it will leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Perfect for a quick pick-me-up throughout the day or as a final touch to your skincare routine.

Experience the perfect balance of floral, fresh, and spicy with NO.02 Peony, Mint & Pink Ginger Mist. Add it to your collection today and elevate your senses with every spray.

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