No. 01 Benzoin, Tobacco & Bourbon Whiskey Mist

$49.95 AUD

Introducing our newest and most versatile product, the No. 01 Benzoin, Tobacco & Bourbon Whiskey Mist. This luxurious mist combines the warm and rich scents of benzoin, tobacco, and bourbon whiskey to create a unique and captivating fragrance.

Our mist is perfect for any occasion, whether you're looking to freshen up your home, office, or even your car. The warm and inviting scent will instantly create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it perfect for a romantic evening or a relaxing night in.

Not only does our mist smell amazing, but it also has multiple uses. You can use it as a room spray, linen spray, or even as a body mist. The possibilities are endless with this multi-purpose product.

Crafted with high-quality ingredients, our mist is long-lasting and will leave a lingering scent that will have you coming back for more. Plus, the sleek and modern packaging makes it a stylish addition to any room.

Experience the luxurious and versatile No. 01 Benzoin, Tobacco & Bourbon Whiskey Mist for yourself. Order now and elevate your senses with this one-of-a-kind fragrance.

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